Precision Blended Speciality Products

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Material Safety Data Sheets can be found for each product at the bottom of this page

AVSR Upper Cylinder Lubricant is a high quality Multi-Fuel Upper Cylinder Lubricant for use with Unleaded petrol, LPG etc. Upper Cylinder Lubricant will provide extra benefits to your vehicle when used correctly with any of these fuels as it is manufactured with a fuel system cleaner so, not only does it lubricate and protect, it will maintain a clean system to help further improve fuel economy.

AVSR Upper Cylinder Lubricant eliminates Valve Seat Recession caused by burning unleaded fuel in engines designed for leaded fuels, and can be used in conjunction with any correctly fitted Lubricator Kit. Just pour into Lubricator Kit Bottle and let the kit automatically meter the correct amount of lubricant to the engine.

AVSR Upper Cylinder Lubricant can also be added manually to all other vehicles not fitted with Lubricator kits.

Main Benefits when used ; Cleans and lubricates hot, dry valve facings , eliminates valve seat recession ... reduces valve sticking , reduces valve burning by ensuring cleaner & better valve seating , controls and cleans upper cylinder deposits (carbon) and prevents new deposits forming , cleans and controls piston & piston ring deposits , improves Fuel economy and reduces emissions , encourages smoother running & improved performance

DOT 3 Brake & Clutch fluid is an inhibited glycol ether based blend of brake fluid with a minimum equilibrium reflux boiling point of 235C. It is suitable for most high performance brake systems including ABS.

Recommended for use in systems where the OEM is calling for DOT 3, for eg, some Toyota vehicles.

DOT 3 Brake & Clutch fluid meets; SAE J1703 ... ISO 4925 ... JIS K2233 Type 3 ... Ford ESD-M6C91202-A ... U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle safety standard FMVSS No. 116 DOT 3

DOT 4 Brake & Clutch Fluid is an inhibited glycol ether based blend of brake fluid with a minimum equilibrium reflux boiling point of 270C (518F). It is suitable for most high performance brake systems including ABS.

Synforce DOT 4 Brake Fluid is a high performance brake fluid suitable for use in average to high performance cars with high thermal load around the braking system.

DOT 4 Brake & Clutch fluid meets; U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4 and DOT 3 ... SAE J1704 and SAE J1703 ... ISO 4925 ... JIS K2233 Types 3 & 4 ... GMH HN 1796 ... Ford ESD-M6C9103-A, ESD-M6C9102-A, ESD-M6C57-A ... NATO specification H-542 (OX-8)    

AU Powersteer has been formulated for use in power steering systems that require an 80w, GL4, iso68 fluid, such as AU series Falcon, some EL series Falcon, NL series Fairlane and DC series Ford LTD.

AU Powersteer meets or Exceeds ; Ford M2C-86B ... M2C-86C, M2C-134D ... Dennison HF-1, HF-2 ... Allison C3, C4 ... Caterpillar TO-2 ... Sperry Vickers 1-286-S ... Case UK/DBT

Power Steer Fluid is designed to be used in power steer systems where a red ATF type fluid is called for. Where an existing natural oil coloured product is used, AU Powersteer should be used.

Power Steer Fluid meets the following performance requirements ; ATF Dexron 111 ... Ford MERCON ... Allison C4

Honda Powersteer Fluid ... semi synthetic power steering fluid developed specifically for most Honda cars.

Diesel Treat ... is a multifunctional Diesel Fuel Additive, being a detergent, dispersant type additive that cleans Injectors whilst providing improved thermal and storage stability.    Diesel TREAT offers prevention of the formation of stable fuel-water emulsions and enhances the performance of Diesel fuels, offering improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

When used at the recommended treatment rate, Diesel TREAT helps diesel fuels meet the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM), Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) and Truck Maintenance Council (TMC) requirements for ;

Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test Clean up , Cummins L10 Steady State Clean up ... Peugeot XUD9 Clean up , Fuel Economy Improvement , Reduced Exhaust Emissions ... Injector cleanliness as measured by multiple Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test (keep clean) Passes ... Multiple Peugeot XUD9 Test (keep clean) Passes  

Petrol Injector Cleaner ... represents the very latest and proven Technology in Injector Cleaners.    It is suitable for use in all Petrol Injection and Carburettor systems with all grades of petroleum fuels.

  • Our formulation is based on Hybrid detergent, dispersant and fluidizer chemistries, and meets the EPA 1997 final Rule regulation, section 211L of the Clean Air act.
  • Synforce Petrol Injector Cleaner Restores peak performance , Keeps injectors free of fouling deposits ... Controls the formation of combustion chamber deposits , Helps to control exhaust emissions.
  • Synforce Petrol Injector Cleaner provides IVD keep clean, PFI keep clean and clean up performance to; US EPA, LAC performance requirements , BMW 10,000 mile D 5500 IVD test, <100 mg avg./value ... Chrysler 2.2L TC D5598 PFI Keep Clean Test, Keep Clean <5% flow loss in 10,000 miles ... Chrysler 2.2L TC PFI Cleanup Test, clean up all injectors to 95% original flow in one tank and BMW Unlimited Mileage criteria

HFP Degreaser - HFP Degreaser is a High Flash Point, water soluble, solvent based concentrated degreaser. having a flash point greater than 67 deg C., making this product extremely safe to use, whilst outperforming most conventional solvent based degreasers.

This product is not classed as Flammable Goods.

HFP Degreaser can be used in parts washers that do not have the solvent sitting on water

Parts Wash - Parts Wash is a High Flash Point, solvent based concentrated degreaser, designed to sit on water. Parts Wash is not water soluble Having a flash point greater than 67 deg C., makes this product extremely safe to use, whilst outperforming most conventional solvent based degreasers.

This product is not classed as Flammable Goods and Non Hazardous according to Work safe Australia criteria.

APPLICATION & DIRECTIONS FOR USE , Parts Wash is designed for cleaning and grease removal from all hard surfaces such as engine components, machinery etc. in Parts Wash equipment that require the fluid to stay on top of water.

Citrus 7000 - Citrus 7000 is a biodegradable, quick breaking, non caustic, citrus based concentrated cleaner, which can be successful diluted to provide effortless cleaning on a variety of surfaces. Citrus 7000 is a blend of Nonionic surfactants, sequesterants and di Limonene based compounds.

Citrus 7000 is an approved type C General Purpose cleaner, and contains an anti bacterial component known as SOPP.

Citrus 7000 is designed for cleaning and grease removal from all hard surfaces including floors, walls, kitchen bench tops, showers screens, toilets, carpet spotting, upholstery cleaning as well as pre-wash stain removal. All are functions of Citrus 7000, along with maintenance cleaning of engine and compartments.

Truck Wash is a high foaming biodegradable detergent suitable for cleaning all on road or off road vehicles and equipment. It can be used through a variety of pressure and foaming equipment.

Truck Wash removes dirt, road grime, grease and oil from all vehicles including off road, buses, cars and heavy haulage equipment.

Truck Wash contains a unique mixture of extremely powerful ironic surfactants, alcohols, aromatic chemicals and water softeners.

Most other degreasing/cleaning solutions available in the market today depend on the reaction of extremely hazardous chemicals, i.e. kerosene, white spirit or hydrocarbons to remove grease/oils from the painted surfaces.

Truck Wash contains no masking agents. The formulation is designed to remove all greases and oils etc with little manual effort from the servicing personnel.

The vehicles can be degreased/cleaned more efficiently as Truck Wash is supplied in a ready to use liquid with no additional preparation necessary.

Citrus Scrub is a citrus based hand cleaner, developed to conform with the latest requirements of regulatory bodies, which do not allow the use of either traditional solvents or MGBE (butyl icinol) that can lead to Dermatitis.

These two 'nasties' have been the subject of concern by many Government and semi Government bodies of late, to the point that some departments have now stipulated that hand cleaners supplied to them must not contain them at all.

Citrus Scrub contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Tee tree oil, and Vitamin E to help promote skin care, as well as poly beads to assist with cleaning.   Citrus Scrub is a liquid/cream and pumpable in most lotion pumps

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