Precision Blended Motorcycle Lubricants

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Material Safety Data Sheets can be found for each product at the bottom of this page

Moto 1-1040 and  Moto 1-1550 Motorcycle oils are a high performance semi synthetic Motorcycle engine oils specially developed for all naturally aspirated four stroke motor cycle engines.     Moto 1-1040 (SAE 10w/40) and Moto 1-1550 (SAE 15w/50) both meet and exceed the API Service Classification SL and Jaso MA-2, and give vastly improved protection against engine wear, high temperature oxidation deposits and sludge formation.

Moto 1 Engine Oils contribute to less oxidation and more protection from piston deposits compared to conventional engine oils.

Both Moto 1-1040 and Moto 1-1550 can be used with wet or dry Clutch engines.

Moto 1-1040 and Moto 1-1550 engine oils meet or exceed ; API Service SL and JASO MA-2 and are  SAE 10w/40 and sae 15w/50 grades

Moto 1- 2050 ... is a high performance Group 2 mineral based SAE 20w/50 engine oil designed for Motorcycle engines that prefer a Mineral based oil rather than a Synthetic such as some Harley Davidson's.

Moto 1-2050 is enhanced by the careful selection of thermally stable base oils, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity improvers and detergents. High temperature deposits and lacquers associated with oxidation and nitration which occurs in lean burn fuelled engines are avoided so that peak engine performance is always available under the extremes of sustained high speed highway riding. 

Moto 1-2050 meets or exceeds; API service classification SG, Jaso MA and CCMC G4

Moto 1- 50 ...   is a high performance Mineral based Mono Grade sae 50 engine oil suitable also for use with wet or dry clutched engines.

Moto 1- 50 meets or exceeds ; API service clasification SG, Jaso MA and CCMC G4

Moto 1 Gear Box oil ...  is a Semi Synthetic light sae 80, GL-4 Gear Box oil suitable for Gearboxe's with either a  wet or dry clutch and offers enhanced oxidation stability and better component protection under very extreme conditions.

Moto 1 Gear Box oil can be used wherever an sae 80, 75w/85 or a 75w/90 grade is called for.

Moto 1 Fork Oils are high viscosity index, semi synthetic fork oils formulated to withstand the demanding requirements of competition Motorcycles.

Moto 1 Fork Oils are blended with the most SHEAR STABLE Viscosity modifiers ensuring stable performance under extreme conditions.

Seal performance is enhanced with the addition of a Seal Swell additive, offering better sealing, seal life and protection from contamination

Moto 1- 5 (5 weight), Moto 1- 10 (10 weight), Moto 1- 15 (15 weight), Moto 1- 20 (20 weight)

Moto 1 Fork oils can be intermixed to achieve different grades

Moto 1 Foam Filter Oil ... is a Semi Synthetic oil designed to be used with Foam Filters, having excellent "stay put" properties.

Moto 1 Chain Oil ... is  blended to resist "fling off" and has enhanced Extreme Pressure additives giving extended life to chains and sprockets

Moto 1-2T is a premium semi-synthetic two stroke motor oil that has been developed to meet the demands of modern high performance air-cooled two stroke engines.

The superior combustion characteristics of this formulation reduce visible smoke in exhaust emissions, providing improved conditions for operators of portable equipment. This in itself will provide a much improved throttle response and good acceleration.

  • Recommended for air cooled and water cooled two-stroke motor cycles, lawn mowers, high output machines working in severe service applications and air-cooled outboard motors at the manufacturers recommendation of fuel to oil ratios.
  • Extended engine life due to the excellent metal wetting properties and film strength of the semi-synthetic base oils which provide superior lubricity and reduce wear of pistons and cylinders, preventing piston scuffing and seizure.   The low ash additive system maximizes spark plug life by reducing fouling and port blocking.
  • Provides exceptional performance due to the semi-synthetic formulation developed with a special low ash additive pack.
  • NOT recommended in high performance water-cooled 2-stroke outboards and jet skis or for Aviation use.

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