Contract Manufacturing

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Through our own team of Chemists and in house facilities, we are able to offer formulation and blending services to Companies wanting to have high quality products designed and manufactured under their own label.

A very large part of our existing business is formulating and manufacturing for others under their own  brand names.

Our services include ...

  • IP research, assistance with registrations and documentation
  • Product research, development and testing
  • Formulation of most Lubricants and Chemical products
  • Blending of most Lubricants and Chemicals
  • Packaging of any product manufactured by us, from 1 litre to 1000 litre or bulk tanker
  • Labelling, again using our in house facilities we can offer different concepts in labelling that reduce initial costs dramatically
  • Distribution

We continually undertake extensive research into environmentally and user friendly Lubricant and Chemical products focusing on aspects such as bio-degradability, phosphate free, user safe etc, that have already resulted in new products that are far superior in performance when it comes to these and other issues.

We understand that in today's very competitive market place, that any new product must have an advantage over most others existing, as an ingredient for success and that this is usually performance.

As well as any new product development, most of our existing product range is available for those wanting to market under their own label also.

Any enquiries and arrangements for these services are handled with strict confidentiality