Bio-degradable Products

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SolCUT 975 ... is a synthetic based Chlorine, Cobalt and Nitrite free multipurpose biodegradable extreme pressure emulsified cutting oil which forms a stable milky emulsion when added to water.

SolCUT 975 contains a highly sophisticated system of extreme pressure additives, non silicone anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-bacterial agents and is suitable for use with all machining applications and materials as a coolant/lubricant.

BioSOL 110 ... is a non toxic, non re-active, non carcinogenic, readily biodegradable degreaser derived from renewable resources and is safe to use,    BioSOL 110 is a safe alternative to hazardous petroleum based degreasers or harsh alkaline cleaners. This product combines a variety of natural and biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers made from oranges and soybeans - in perfect balance to produce a "green" degreaser that dissolves the heaviest grease deposits.

BioSOL 110 can be used to remove gum, wax, oil, tar, dirt, adhesives as well as grease and grime, it even cleans concrete and masonry, machinery and equipment, motors and other metal parts. BioSOL 110 Utilises an emulsifiable formula that penetrates deposits fast, allowing you to rinse the dirt and residue away with water.

BioFORM 10... Bio-degradable Mould Release oil ... is a Vegetable based 100% Bio-degradable concrete form release oil manufactured with Bio-degradable base stocks with anti-rust and anti-oxidation additives.

BioFORM 10 is a cost effective replacements for Solvent based mould releases, BioFORM offers excellent performance whilst being user and enviromentally friendly.

The BioFORM formulation is the result of significant Government assisted research and developement and is exclusive to Synforce.

available in 20 litre, 205 litre and 1000 litre

BioBAR ... Bio-degradable Chain & Bar oil ... is a unique blend of vegetable base oils and additive technology that results in a bio-degradable chain & bar oil that outperforms both traditional bio and mineral bar oils.

The exclusive formulation of Synforce BioBAR contains anti-wear and tackiness additives that are also Bio-degradable making BioBAR truly 100% bio-degradable


Due to the advanced formulation and the very high Viscosity index of the vegetable base oils used, the viscosity range offers advantages over most other products by providing earlier protection at cold start and resisting the effects of heat on viscosity (thinning) at operating temperatures.

Available in … 1, 5, 20, 205 and 1000 litre

Citrus 7000 ... is a bio-degradable, quick breaking, non caustic, citrus based concentrated cleaner, which can be successful diluted to provide effortless cleaning on a variety of surfaces. Citrus 7000 is a blend of Nonionic surfactants, sequesterants and di Limonene based compounds.

Citrus 7000 is an approved type C General Purpose cleaner, and contains an anti bacterial component known as SOPP.

Citrus 7000 is designed for cleaning and grease removal from all hard surfaces including floors, walls, kitchen bench tops, showers screens, toilets, carpet spotting, upholstery cleaning as well as pre-wash stain removal. All are functions of Citrus 7000, along with maintenance cleaning of engine and compartments.

Truck Wash ... is a high foaming bio-degradable detergent suitable for cleaning all on road or off road vehicles and equipment. It can be used through a variety of pressure and foaming equipment.

Truck Wash removes dirt, road grime, grease and oil from all vehicles including off road, buses, cars and heavy haulage equipment.

Truck Wash contains a unique mixture of extremely powerful ironic surfactants, alcohols, aromatic chemicals and water softeners.

Most other degreasing/cleaning solutions available in the market today depend on the reaction of extremely hazardous chemicals, i.e. kerosene, white spirit or hydrocarbons to remove grease/oils from the painted surfaces.

Truck Wash contains no masking agents. The formulation is designed to remove all greases and oils etc with little manual effort from the servicing personnel.

The vehicles can be degreased/cleaned more efficiently as Truck Wash is supplied in a ready to use liquid with no additional preparation necessary.

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