Precision Blended Marine Lubricants

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Material Safety Data Sheets can be found for each product at the bottom of this page

Outboard Gear Oil ... is an extreme pressure (EP) gear oil, having strong protective chemical films between mating surfaces, such that it is less sensitive to viscosity change from a wear standpoint.

Synforce Outboard Gear Oil meets the requirements of manufacturers such as Johnson/Evinrude and Chrysler and is suitable for high speed, high torque operation, meeting all leading equipment manufacturers specifications for manual gear boxes.

Outboard Gear Oil meets or exceeds : API - GL5 ... MT1 ... MIL ML-2105D ... BTR 5M-36 ... Mack GO-J



SeaPRO Gear 90 ... is a Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube formulation of synthetic base oils and high performance additives that address the specific concerns of marine applications. It is extreme pressure (EP) additive fortified for superior protection of fast accelerating, high torque/horsepower engines. It protects against shock loading from cavitation of heavily loaded engines.

SeaPRO Gear 90 is water resistant and maintains extreme pressure protection even when contaminated with small amounts of water. It promotes longer seal life, preventing excessive water leakage.

SeaPRO Gear 90 protects against rust and is compatible with aluminium, copper and brass alloys.

SeaPRO Gear 90 Synthetic Marine Gear Lube is recommended for fresh and salt water applications requiring either 75W-90 or 80W-90 viscosity grade and meeting either API GL-4 or GL-5 performance standards and is suitable for use in the following;

Outboard Lower Units:

Mercury/Mariner … Johnson/Evinrude … Bombardier … Honda … Yamaha … Suzuki ... Force/US Marine … Nissan … Tohatsu … Harbormaster Marine Outboard Drives ... Sears Gamefisher and Seagull


Mercruiser Bravo … OMC/Bombardier … Volvo-Penta … Yanmar … Konrad Marine Drive Systems

V-Drives; Casale & Menkens

Bow & Tunnel Thrusters; Harbormaster Marine

Synforce TCW-3 ... Outboard is the latest in ash free technology, easy mix, two stroe motor oil for high powered water cooled two stroke outboard engines, including direct injection engines, requiring up to 100 : 1 ratios.

Synforce TCW-3 'ash free' gives less plug fouling and smoother more efficient running, resulting in better overall performance than conventional TCW-3 oils.

Synforce TCW-3 meets or exceeds ; API ; TD (TSC-4 ) ... NMMA (BIA) TCW-2 and TCW-3

SeaPRO 1040 ...  is a high performance crankcase oil blended from selected high viscosity index base oils and unique additive technology, for four stroke Outboard engines

SeaPRO 1040 is optimized to provide superior fuel efficiency and engine protection under both normal and severe duty conditions, especially during low temperature start up

SeaPRO 1040 offers maximum protection against corrosion and sludge build up

SeaPRO 1040 is recommended for marine Outboard four stroke engines where both sae 10w/30 and sae 10w/40 oils are recomended

SeaPRO 1040 Outboard meets or Exceeds ; API SJ/CH4 ... sae 10w/40

 SeaPRO Trim and Tilt fluid ... is for use in Outboard Engine and Stern Drive hydraulic Trim & Tilt systems.

Trim & Tilt must only be used where a red ATF type fluid is called for.

Meets the following performance requirements ; ATF Dexron 111 ... Ford MERCON , Allison C4 ... Caterpillar TO-2 ... Sperry Vickers ... Dennison ... Sunstrand

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