Precision Blended Petrol Engine Oils

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Material Safety Data Sheets can be found for each product at the bottom of this page

Ultimate 0w40 ... is a very high performance extremely shear stable PAO full synthetic engine oil designed for use in competition engines and performance engines under extreme conditions.

Ultimate 0w40 is suitable for use in Petrol, LPG and Light load diesel engines with or without Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) and or Catalytic converters and meets the Euro IV & Euro V specifications for exhaust emissions and fuel efficiency.

Ultimate 0w40 offers the following advantages over conventional mineral and synthetic oil based lubricants;

*     Very high Viscosity Index (157) – minimal viscosity change at both high and low operating temperatures

*     Superior oxidation resistance

*     Higher film strength – ability to retain lubricating properties under high load

*     Full compatibility with all types of seals and coatings

*     Extended lubricant life

*     Superior engine component life

*     Improved Engine performance

Ultimate 0w40 meets or exceeds the following;

ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4, C3-12, C4-16 ... API SN/CF ... BMW Longlife 01 and diesel 04 ... Ilsac GF-5 ... Ford WSS-M2C937-A .. Porsche A40 .. MB 229.3/229.5 .. VW 502.00 and 505.00 .. SAE 0w40

Typical specifications ... 86cst @ 40 degC ... 14.85cst @ 100 degC ... VI 181 ... Sulphated Ash 0.93

Product code ... s2900, available in 5 and 205 litre

PLATINUM 530 ...  is a full Synthetic low SAPS SAE 5w/30 engine oil designed for Diesel and Petrol engines fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and or Catalytic Converters whilst offering high performance and long drain capabilities.

Also available in an SAE 5w/40 (Platinum 540)

Platinum 530 is formulated with lower levels or Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur (low SAPS) and meets the latest Euro V and Euro IV specifications.

Platinum 530 meets or exceeds; ... SAE 5w/30 ... ACEA 07/04-A3, A3/B3-04, A3/B4-04, C2-08, C3-12, C4-16, A1/B1-04 (5W30 HTHS >2.9), A5/B5-04 ... API SL/SM/SN, CF ... MB 229.31, 229.51 ... VW (petrol & diesel) 502.00, 504.00, 505.01, 507.00 ... BMW Long Life 04 ... Peugeot Cirtreon E06-N3, D06-N3 ... GM Dexros 2 ... Ford WSS M2C913-C and WSS M2C498-A & B

Typical specifications ... 52cst @ 40 degC ... 9.6cst @ 100 degC ... VI 172 ... Sulphated Ash 0.5

product code s2205, available in 5, 10, 20, 205 and 1000 ltr

Our range of ProVIS products built on Group 2 technology

ProVIS 30 ... is a monograde SAE 30, SF/CF, for stationary engines, 4 Stroke lawn mowers etc. ProVIS 30 meets or exceeds the requirements of Briggs & Stratton, SAE 30

product code s2234

available in 1, 2.5, 5, 20, 205 and 1000 litre

ProVIS 50 ... is suitable for older style and worn engines requiring a monograde SAE 50 grade oil.

ProVIS 50 meets or exceeds: API: SG/CD ... JASO MA ... FORD M2C 153E (D & C) ... GM 6085M, 6048M ... DAIMLER BENZ 226.5 ... VOLKSWAGEN 500.00, 501.01

product code s2230, available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 l;itre

ProVIS 1030 ... is a high performance, energy conserving crankcase oil blended from selected high viscosity index base oils and unique additive technology, optimized to provide superior fuel efficiency and engine protection under all conditions, especially during low temperature start up.

ProVIS 1030 is recommended for four stroke engines in passenger cars and light commercials where the manufacturer requires a low viscosity multigrade oil or where superior fuel efficiency is required.

ProVIS 1030 Meets or Exceeds; API SN+ , SAE 10w/30 ... ILSAC GF-5+ , Ford AU , Holden VS and VT , Ford European models, Festiva, Mondeo, Taurus, Explorer , Nissan

product code s2238, available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 l;itre

ProVIS 1040 ... is also a high performance, energy conserving crankcase oil blended from selected high viscosity index base oils and unique additive technology, optimized to provide superior fuel efficiency and engine protection under all conditions, especially during low temperature start up.

ProVIS 1040 meets or exceeds; SAE 10w/40 ... API SN+/CF ... ACEA A3, B2 ... VW 500, 501, 505 ... Ford M2C.153E ... Rover RES.22.OL.G-4

product code s2239, available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 l;itre

ProVIS 1540 ... is a multigrade SAE 15w/40, SN+/CF advanced blend of lubricant using the best of base oils and the latest additive package technology and viscosity modifiers, having a Viscosity Index of 145.  ProVIS 1540 is suitable for both conventional and multivalve engines offering the latest in engine protection, sludge reduction and efficiency, under all conditions.

ProVIS 1540 contains anti oxidants, anti wear and high levels of detergent dispersants designed to protect the engine even under harsh conditions. ProVIS 1540 may also be used in heavy and light duty diesels, transmissions and hydraulics where SAE 15w/40 engine oils are called for.

ProVIS 1540 Meets or Exceeds; API SN+/CF ... CCMC D-4/G4/PD-2 ... ACEA E2, Japanese CD 

product code s2237, available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 l;itre

ProVIS 1550 ... provides the ultimate in protection and performance. This premium quality multigrade SAE 15w/50 engine oil meets and exceeds API: SN/CF-4 and is suited for all types of four stroke petrol and light to medium load Diesel engines operating under the most severe and varied conditions, such as high temperature highway driving conditions or low temperature stop-start driving around town.

This product is truly 'all fleet' in application and is widely used in Mechanical workshops, reducing Inventory in workshops by replacing a 15w/40 SJ/CF petrol oil, a 15w/40 CF-4 Diesel oil, and a 20w/50 SJ/CF petrol oil, all in one.

ProVIS 1550 meets or exceeds: API: SN+, CF, CD ... ACEA: A3-96/B2-96 ... VW 500/501/505 ... Ford M2C.153E

product code s2236, available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 l;itre

ProVIS 2050 ... is a multigrade SAE 20w/50 premium quality engine lubricant with a viscosity index of 139, that delivers the engine protection required of modern engines. ProVIS 2050 is formulated using the latest technologies in base oil and additive packages, to provide protection against engine wear, exceeding the latest performance requirements for all petrol and diesel turbo charged passenger cars as well as gas converted engines

ProVIS 2050 Meets or Exceeds ; API ; SN+, SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG, SF, CC, CD, CF, CCMC ; G4, PD2, MIL-L-46152E, MIL-L-21260D, MIL-L-2104E, ACEA A3, A2, B2, E2

product code s2235, available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 l;itre

Running in Oil ... is a premium non-friction modified mono-grade SAE 30 motor oil designed for “running in” reconditioned engines, and is suitable for use in a wide range of reconditioned petrol and LPG fitted engines specifying SD, SE, SF or SG classification oil. The advantages of this oil is the fact of being a mono-grade and the absence of friction modifiers it ensures the bedding in of rings and cylinders is quick and effective.

Running in Oil is not recommended for new vehicles or for normal service periods. It is only recommended for the running in or bedding in period on reconditioned engines

product code s2240

Our ProSYN range of Semi and Full Synthetic engine oils...

ProSYN 1030 ... ProSYN 1030 is Semi Synthetic 10w/30, SN+/G%-5+. Developed for the later model Holden, Falcon and other engines requiring a 10w/30 grade.

ProSYN 1030 meets or exceeds; API SN+ ... ILSAC GF-5+ ... Japanese VTW ... Energy Conserving 11 Sequence VIA test

product code s2732

ProSYN 1040 ... ProSYN 1040 is a Semi Synthetic 10w/40, SM/GF4.Developed for the later model Vehicles and other engines requiring a 10w/40 grade.

ProSYN 1040 meets or exceeds; API SN+/CF... ACEA A3, B2 ... VW 500/501/505 ... Ford M2C153E ... Rover RES.22.OL.G-4  

product code s2734

ProSYN 1550 ... is a Semi Synthetic SAE 15w/50, API SM/GF4 siutable for all types of four stroke engines.

ProSYN 1550 meets or exceeds; API SN+/CF ... ACEA A3, B2 ... Ford M2C153E ... Rover RES.22.OL.G-4 ... VW 500/501/505

product code s2738

ProSYN Transit ... is a semi synthetic SAE 10w/30 petrol engine oil formulated for the stop start hard working Taxi and Courier engines under both normal and severe operating conditions offering extended lubricant and component life.

ProSYN Transit offers extened drain capability of an aditional 50% to 100% or more under ideal conditions and is suitable for all fuels including Gas and both naturally aspirated and turbo engines.

ProSYN Transit meets or exceeds; API SN+ ... ILSAC GF-5+ ... Japanese VTW ... Energy Conserving 11 Sequence VIA test ... Ford M2C153E ... Rover RES.22.OL.G-4 ... VW 500/501/505 ... Mercedes Benz

product code s2742

ProSYN 2T ... is a semi synthetic 2 Stroke engine oil formulated with the latest in "Ashless" Technology and is suitable for use in all air cooled high performance 2 Stroke engines 

ProSYN 2T meets or exceeds; JASO FB, FC, FD ... API TA, TB, TC ... ISO EGC, EGD, L-EGD, L-EGE ... TISI ... Husquvarna 242, Piaggio Hexagon Engine test

product code s2725

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